Library Board

A library board is a group of citizens entrusted with the governing of the library. They have accepted the obligations to represent the library to the community and vice versa. They have accepted the obligations to improve the library through efficient use of funds, to obtain adequate funds for good library service, to promote the best possible use of all library resources, and to extend library service to those not previously served. Greenfield's first Library Board was appointed in May 1983.


Current Library Board

Ms. Robin Bruhn, President

Ms. Marie Cardenas, Secretary

Ms. Sue DeWitt, School District Representative

Mr. Andrew Drzewiecki, Aldermanic Representative

Mr. Creston Flemming, 1st Vice President

Ms. Brittany Haiser, Treasurer

Mr. Richard L'Amie, 2nd Vice President

Ms. Amber Lococo

Ms. Melissa Mendoza

Ms. Jennifer Einwalter, Library Director


Length of Service

The aldermanic representative is appointed annually. The other eight voting members are appointed for staggered three- year terms. Library Board members serve no more than three consecutive terms. Library Board members accept no payment for their services. They do not receive a per diem for attending meetings.



Board members exhibit an awareness of the community; a willingness to devote their time and talents; the ability to think clearly, to question objectively and plan creatively; skill in communicating and cooperating; plus an awareness and appreciation of the library's past, present and future role in the community. Diversity in back-ground, age and area of residence bring balance to the Board.


Library Board meeting agendas and minutes are available in the Library and at the City Clerk's office.