Loans and Fines


  • Items with a loan period of 3 weeks, 2 weeks, or 7 days: 15₵ per day to a maximum of $5.00.
  • Items with a loan period of 3 days: $1.00 per day to a maximum of $5.00.
  • Interlibrary loan fines are set by ILS:  $1.00 per day.  There is no maximum fine amount for overdue ILS items.
  • Laptops: $5.00 per hour.
  • HotSpots: $1.00 per day up to the full price of the device.
  • When fines accumulate to $10.01 or more on a patron's library card, borrowing privileges will be blocked until the balance is paid in full.


  • Books, audiobooks, 7 day DVD and 7 day VHS may be renewed if it has not been renewed previously and there are no holds/ reserves for the item.
  • No renewals for 3 day DVD materials, magazines, interlibrary loans, or CD-Roms.

Grace Periods 

  • No fine will be charged for an eligible item returned within 3 days of the date due.   
  • Items returned after the grace period will be fined from the original due date (i.e. on the fourth day the fine will be 60₵ for 15₵ fine items). 
  • There is no grace period for 3 day items, interlibrary loan items, Kindles, and Wifi Hotspots.

Checkout Limits per Card

  • DVDs: 30
  • Music CDs: 30
  • VHS movies: 30
  • CD-ROMs: 4
  • Maximum number of items: 100

Hold Policies

  • A $1.00 fine will be assessed for each expired item not picked up from the hold shelf. Patrons can cancel hold shelf items by logging into their CountyCat account or calling the library at (414) 321-9595 during business hours.
  • Each library card is limited to a maximum of 30 hold items at a time.


Checked out library items may not be transferred from one library card to another library card. Greenfield items must be checked in for at least 24 hours before being checked out by the same patron or the patron's family member. Items owned by other libraries must be returned to the owning library.

Lost Card

Lost or stolen cards will be replaced for a fee of $1.00.

Lost or Damaged Items 

No refunds will be issued to patrons for found lost and paid items, and no item replacement options will be available. Patron must pay for entire item cost plus a $5.00 service charge if lost or damaged and cannot supply a replacement through their own purchased items or parts of items.