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Britannica School

Britannica School is a comprehensive reference and learning resources for middle and high school students. In addition to encyclopedia articles, Britannica also features a built-in dictionary, world atlas, and videos.

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Explora for Middle and High Schools is a valuable tool for students. Explora provides students with research tools that access encyclopedias, magazines, and primary source documents.

LearningExpress Library

LearningExpress Library provides students with tutorials for test preparation and skill building. Topics covered include college admissions test preparation and study and homework skills.


MAS Ultra School Edition

MAS Ultra provides middle and high school students with full-text articles on a variety of topics such as history, science, careers, and more.


MasterFile Complete

MasterFile Complete features more than 2,300 full text magazines and journals as well as photos, videos, maps, and flags. The database covers topics such as business, health, education, fitness, leisure, personal finance, general science, multicultural issue, DIY, and fashion. 


Wisconsin Public Television Education

Wisconsin Public Television Education is a collection of educational videos, images, sound files, and animations spanning all curricular areas for grades K-12 that are a part of Wisconsin's public broadcasting system.