Internet Use Policy

Greenfield Public Library
Internet & Computer Use Policy

Internet access and wireless service is provided for educational and informational purposes and to enhance the existing collection. Use of the Internet at Greenfield Library carries with it a responsibility to read and accept the library’s Internet Use Policy.

1. The Greenfield Public Library assumes no responsibility or liability for the content or the accuracy of the information found on the Internet.

2.  A minimal level of competence is expected of Internet users. Library staff members will help patrons get started and assist with troubleshooting but cannot devote the time needed for one-on-one aid.

3. A child under the age of 13 can only use a public computer in the Children’s area, a teen between the ages of 13 and 16 can only use a public computer in the Teen areas, an adult can only use a public computer in the Adult area. (Click here for complete Policy on Computer Use in Different areas of the Library.)

4. Use of the Internet is for LAWFUL purposes only. 

5. It is to be assumed that there are children present at all times in the computer area. If patron behavior while using Internet resources is deemed to be exposing children to harmful material or harmful descriptions or narrations as described in 948.11 of the Wisconsin Statutes, library staff will end the user’s computer session. Any materials or sites that depict child pornography are considered unlawful according to state statutes. (Click here for the relevant state statutes.)
If an Internet user violates the Library’s policy by viewing material prohibited in section 5 or causes a disruption of library services, or through misuse or abuse of equipment, the person’s computer privileges will be immediately suspended for 7 days for the first offense, 30 days for the second offense and one year for the third offense. Attempts to change or modify computer settings may result in the suspension of the user’s privileges for a time to be determined by the Director.

6. Attempts to change or modify computer settings may result in a suspension of the user’s privileges also.

7. Patrons under the age of 18 are expected to have obtained parental permission to use the Internet.

8. Computers in the Children’s area and Teen areas are equipped with filtering software.

9. Library staff can not and will not act in place of the parent/ guardian in enforcing any restrictions a parent or guardian expresses to the minor regarding access to the resources found on the Internet.  A parent/guardian may sign a form denying their child use of the Internet at this library.

10. To use the computer, a patron must have a valid library card issued by a public library in Milwaukee County.  The card must be current, have fines less than $5.00 and no materials more than six weeks past due.

11. A maximum of two persons may use a single computer at one time. One user must have a valid library card as noted above.

12.  Patrons are limited to 2 hours of computer use per day.

13. Patrons may reserve computer time up to three days in advance. Reservations can be made in person only at the “Reservation Station.”

14. A computer Visitor’s Pass can be purchased at the Adult Reference Desk for $1.00 for one day or $3.00 for one week for those who do not have or do not qualify for a library card. This pass entitles the patron to use the computers only; it does not grant check out privileges and is only honored at the Greenfield Public Library.

15.  The charge for printing material is fifteen cents per page. The payment system software will notify the patron of the page count and the printing cost. In order to continue with printing, the patron must agree to the charges by clicking OK. Pre-payment is then made by the patron at the “Reservation Station” vending machine. Printed material may then be retrieved at the adjacent printer. Coins and bills up to $5.00 can be accepted by the print vending machine.



Policy Approved by the Greenfield Public Library Board May 13, 2010.