Evenings of Wonder

Thu, Jul 22nd 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Evenings of Wonder
Thursdays, 6:30-7:30 PM
June 17-July 29

All programs will be live on our Facebook page.


June 17: Storyteller Donna Washington provides us a special prerecorded story time just for Greenfield Public Library. Donna is an extremely talented, nationally recognized storyteller from North Carolina. You will absolutely love this.


June 24: “Miss Jamie’s Farm.” Miss Jamie takes the audience on a musical storytelling adventure to her “farm,” where they sing, dance, laugh and learn together. Miss Jamie and her vibrant, engaging programs can be found on YouTube, and many other social media platforms.


July 1: “Story, Story, Who’s got a Story?” Join library storyteller Mr. Mark as he tells stories for you. Cause that’s what storytellers do.


July 8: Wehr Nature Center’s “The Tales of Tracks and Trails" will introduce children to the tales told by our wild animal neighbors through the clues they leave behind.


July 15: Karl Debelack science educator extraordinaire brings his always popular “Bubbleology” program back to the GPL. Pay attention, and learn all his amazing bubble tricks!


July 22: Greenfield Staff Talent Share. The staff here at the Greenfield Library can do so many wonderful things! I’ve invited them to come and share with us. Cheer them on!


July 29: “The Tail End.” Mr. Mark with stories of tails, and happy endings. Everyone likes happy endings!